Biostar Genomics LLC

Bioinformatics Consulting

Founded by Dr. Istvan Albert an accomplished researcher, educator and software developer the company provides custom solutions for big data analytics problems in Bioinformatics and Genomics.

Over the years we have assisted clients needing solutions across all domains of applied life sciences: data analytics, software development, training, intellectual property research and discovery. Our clients include:

and many others.

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Bioinformatics Questions and Answers

Biostar Genomics LLC has created and is operating a Bioinformatics Q&A site that, over the past six years, has become the most authoritative bioinformatics knowledge base in the world.

Currently the site hosts over 31 thousand questions with over 140 thousand answers and comments, generated by over 24 thousand registered users. The site is visited by more than two hundred thousand unique visitors per week!

On a yearly basis millions of people around the world access https:/ for up to date scientific know-how on bioinformatics data analysis.

Watch the location of the visitors on in the last five minutes.

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The Biostar Handbook

We are also developing training materials in the form of a book and website for training life scientists in the art of big data analysis.

The Biostar Handbook provides a condensed and practical overview of the major data analysis methods of bioinformatics.

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Last updated: Thursday, March 31, 2016